St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Meet the Governors

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Governing Body


Mr. John Charters (Foundation) – Joined the Governing Body on 20th October 2014

Chair of the Governing Body, Child Protection and Looked After Governor


Mrs. Helen Livesley (Foundation) – Joined the Governing Body on 1st May 2014

Vice Chair of Governing Body and Chair of Staffing and Curriculum Committee, Attendance Governor


Father Boniface Moran (Ex-officio) – Parish Priest

RE Governor


Deacon Phil McDermott (Foundation) – Joined the Governing Body on 20th March 2011

Chair of Finance, Health and Safety Committee and Health and Safety Governor


Mrs. Kelly Williams (Parent) – Joined the Governing Body 28th September 2016


Mrs. Angela Molyneux (LEA) – Joined the Governing Body on 3rd December 2015

Vice Chair of the Staffing and Curriculum Committee, SEN Governor


Mrs. Liz Smallwood – Joined the Governing Body on 1st June 2017

Educational Visits Governor


Mr. Neil Mason (Parent) – Joined the Governing Body on 17th October 2017


Mr. Les Rippon – Joined the Governing Body in September 2018


Mrs. Dawn McGrath (Staff) – Joined the Governing Body on 13th May 2004


Mr. Mark Nolan (Staff) – Joined the Governing Body on 6th June 2011



Mrs. Gail Marshall (Clerk to Governors) – 1st September 1998



Staffing and Curriculum Committee Membership:

Mrs. Helen Livesley (Chair), Mrs. Angela Molyneux (Vice Chair), Father Boniface Moran,

Mr. J. Charters, Mrs. K. Williams, Mr. N. Mason, Mr. L. Rippon, Mrs. D. McGrath, Mr. M. Nolan


Finance, Premises, Health and Safety Committee Membership:

Deacon Phil McDermott (Chair), Mrs. Smallwood (Vice Chair) Mrs. A. Molyneux,

Mr. J. Charters, Mr. N. Mason, Mr. M. Nolan


Gov Body Attendance 2016.17