St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Meetings for academic year 2023-2024


Autumn Term:

Curriculum Committee:  Tuesday 17 October 2023

Resources Committee:  Tuesday 7 November 2023

Full Governors:  21 November 2023


Spring Term:

Curriculum Committee:  Tuesday 27 February 2024

Resources Committee:  Tuesday 30 January 2024 (changed from 12 March)

Full Governors:  Tuesday 19 March 2024


Summer Term:

Curriculum Committee:  Tuesday 7 May 2024

Resources Committee:  Tuesday 21 May 2024

Full Governors:  Tuesday 18 June 2024

Meet the Governors

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Governing Body (as at 4/12/23)


Mr. Les Rippon (Foundation) – Joined the Governing Body in September 2022

Chair of the Governing Body, Child Protection and Looked After Governor


Mrs. Mary Ormsby (Foundation) – Re-joined the Governing Body in September 2021

Vice Chair of Governing Body 


Father Hugh Somerville Knapman  (Parish Priest) - Joined the Governing Body in September 2021

RE Governor


Deacon Peter Mawtus (Foundation) – Joined the Governing Body in July 2019

Health and Safety Committee and Staffing and Curriculum Committee.


Mrs Bernadette Halsall (Foundation) - Joined the Governing Body in July 2019


Mrs. Angela Molyneux (LEA) – Joined the Governing Body on 3rd December 2015

Vice Chair of the Staffing and Curriculum Committee, SEN Governor


Mrs. Liz Smallwood (Foundation) – Joined the Governing Body on September 2017

Educational Visits Governor


Mr. Andrew Doyle (Parent) – Joined the Governing Body October 2023 


Mrs. Nicola Gray (Parent) – Joined the Governing Body October 2023


Mrs. Dawn McGrath (Staff) – Joined the Governing Body on 13th May 2004


Mrs Jo Preston (staff) - Joined 4 December 2023


Ms. Naomi Savoury (Clerk to Governors) – Joined March 2023



Staffing and Curriculum Committee Membership:

Mrs. A. Molyneux (Chair), Father Hugh Somerville Knapman, Deacon Peter Mawtus, Mrs B. Halsall, Mr. L. Rippon, Mr. A. Doyle, Mrs. D. McGrath, Mrs J Preston


Finance, Premises, Health and Safety Committee Membership:

Mr L. Rippon (Chair), Mrs. L. Smallwood (Vice Chair) Mrs. A. Molyneux,

Deacon Peter Mawtus, Mrs. N. Gray, Mrs J Preston


nb. from the beginning of academic year 2023-24 these committees be re-modelled as:

  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Finance and Resources



Role of the Parent Governor

2023-24 Areas of curriculum responsibility and timetable of monitoring visits

Statements of business interests and salary declaration.

At the start of each school year, members of the Governing Body sign a declaration of business interests to avoid any future conflict of interest. This was signed by all members in Autumn 2021 and then updated at subsequent meetings.


The Governing Body declare that no employees receive a salary exceeding £100k.