St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Living and Learning Together - Shining in our Faith

Term Dates

Autumn Term 2021

Re-Open   -   Wednesday, 1st September

Mid-Term Closure   -   25th October to Friday, 29th October (Inclusive)

Closure after school   -   Friday, 17th December


Spring Term 2022

Re-Open on   -   Tuesday, 4th January

Mid-Term Closure   -   14th to 18th February (Inclusive)

Closure After School   -   Friday, 1st April


Summer Term 2022

Re-Open   -   Tuesday, 19th April

May Day Holiday   -   Monday, 2nd May

Mid Term Closure   -   30th May to 10th June (Inclusive)

Closure After School    -   Thursday 21st July

INSET Training   -   Friday 22nd July


2022 - 2023

Autumn Term 2022

Re-Open on   -   Monday, 5th September

Mid-term Closure    -    24th October to 28th October (Inclusive) 

Closure after school   -   Tuesday, 20th December


Spring Term 2023

Re-Open on   -   Tuesday, 3rd January 

Mid-term Closure   -   13th to 17th February (Inclusive)

Closure after school   -   Friday, 31st March   


Summer Term 2023

Re-Open on Monday, 17th April

May Day Holiday   -   Monday, 1st May

Mid-term Closure   -   29th May to 9th June (Inclusive)

Closure after school   -   Friday, 21st July

INSET Training   -   Monday, 24th July