St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

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At St Mary’s Music is delivered to all children from Nursery to Year 6.

Once a term we follow a 6 week music programme called Charanga which builds on musical skills. All children will have opportunities to listen to, respond to and appraise a wide variety of different types of music.  They will explore the musical skills of pulse rhythm and pitch through games and challenges, sing different types of songs and explore singing alone, in small groups and as a whole class whilst also listening to others.

They will be given the opportunities to learn to play both tuned and untuned percussion instruments, they will be able to name them, know how to look after them and know how different sounds can be created.  This will lead to a knowledge of how music is written down and how notes can be read.  There will also be opportunities for the children to improvise while playing, compose and play their own music and perform to others.

As well as the Music Scheme the children will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform in different school performances with EYFS and KS1 putting on Christmas productions, Lower KS2 putting on an Easter production and Upper KS2 performing at the end of the summer term.

The children in the Lower KS2 class will also benefit from instrument lessons from the Lancashire Music Support Service.  A specialist teacher will provide these lessons weekly and they will include games, songs and learning about notation alongside learning the musical instrument.  In the past children have had the opportunity to learn clarinet, guitar and trumpet and are currently learning to play the trombone!

For any further information about our Music curriculum please feel free to contact:

Mrs C Priestner (Subject Lead)

Mrs B Halsall (Music Governor)